Egyptian & Theatrical Fusion Bellydance with Gwen

'I ...so loved and have been inspired by [the workshop]... a sheer delight and joy...' '.. so much detail and drilling, and so wonderfully feminine and fun''...so sophisticated...a wealth of experience...'Josephine Wise 'elegant, fun and informative... Fabulous!...''..vivacious and dramatic... an excellent teacher who makes learning fun and easy'  'Possibly the fastest 2 hours I have ever spent in a workshop!...'

**a wide range of fabulous workshops**

Dance with the Musical Marvels

Get to know the '4 Greats' of Egyptian music
An accessible introduction to the wonderfully expressive music of Oum Kalsoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Farid el Atrache, at improver level and up 

'Modern Egyptian' 101

What is the 'modern Egyptian' style?'
An accessible introduction to key themes and typical movements of Egyptian oriental dance from the 90s & 2000s, at improver/intermedite level and up 

Expression Lab

Fun and fantastic ways to access your expressivity
Experiment with ways to add emotion and atmosphere to your dancing, from the inside out, and from the outside in...

Visions of the Golden Age

Enter the world of Samia Gamal...
Technique and/or choreography inspired by the Egyptian films of the 1940s, learn with or without sagat- also available with an introduction to sagat playing, and at improver or intermediate level

Nagwa Fouad Style

Journey to diva fabulousness..
Technique and combinations for that 1970s feeling
,  at improver-intermediate level 

Being Fabulous!

Go on, you know you want to...
A fun workshop to bring out the Diva in you: adding drama, characterization and theatricality to your bellydance,  at improver plus level 


Indulge in flirtatious fabulousness!
A range of fan technique and choreography workshops at improver to advanced levels

Fantasy Oriental

Surrender to the seduction of the Orient...
Theatrical , balletic fusion with Egyptian Oriental dance. Technique and/or choreography with or without veil, at improver to intermediate/advanced level

Hypnotic Sword Dance 

Let out the Drama Queen!
Add drama and elegance through sword dance. Introductory balancing or more advanced workshops including floorwork.

Turbo Saiidi

Hold on to your hat!
High energy modern Egyptian-Style Saiidi. Technique and/or choreography with or without stick at intermediate or advanced level 

Baladi Marvellous!

Fabulous fun with Leilet Hob
High energy and fun choreography with fabulous chorus line elements - roll up roll up! Intermediate plus level

Technique, drill workshops, musical interpretation and expression, and tuition with props of all descriptions are available, as are a range of workshops in the elegant Showgirl dance style. Workshop and private lesson tuition is also available in French.

Contact Gwen for more information, to arrange a workshop in your area, makeup and costume consultation, or a private lesson.**